Besides the Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy, many individuals contributed to Crowdfunding the Philvideos project.

On this page, we link the list of supporters of the project Philvideos, besides the Centers of Research that sponsored us at the beginning of our project (see here).

Among our supporters:

Emma Borg

Yves Bouchard

Paolo Bouquet

Kimberley Brownlee

Josep E. Corbí

Valeria Corciolani

Annalisa Coliva

Marco Damonte

Massimo Dell’Utri

Claudio Garola

Simone Gozzano

Teresa Marques

Alberto Medina

Ólafur Páll Jónsson

Giuliana Parodi

John Perry

Francois Recanati

Gino Roncaglia

Mersolis Schöne

Max Kölbel

Maria Silvia Vaccarezza

Justin Weinberg

Edward Zalta